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Genetically Modified Foods

started by Katzwinkel on 12/15/09.

Genetically Modified Foods
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Adjudicating the ownership of genomes, like much intellectual property, is problematic. For instance, if your neighbor pays Monsanto for the right to plant their drought and pesticide-resistant super-corn, and a crow drops a kernel onto your property, which germinates and grows into a stalk, should you have to now pay for the privelege of "planting" the super-corn as well? Or if natural processes cause your crops to cross-pollinate with the super-crops planted in the next field over, does Monsanto now own a license on your crops, which now carry a portion of their created and patented genome?

This is not so much an argument against GM foods as it is an expansion of the question. This is an area of burgeoning technology that raises legal questions our system is not yet equipped to answer.

by DClary (65.15) on 12/20/09.


Genetically Modified Foods
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