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Star Wars in Concert

is it worth the hassle?

started by ComplaisantSoul on 12/13/09.

Star Wars in Concert
For Against
Very entertaining. Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Choir were outstanding.

Anthony Daniels, who narrated the entire evening, was quite comical and entertaining.

Lots of Memorabilia and Costumed characters for the kids to have Pictures taken with. Very Family oriented.

by ComplaisantSoul (57.14) on 12/13/09.


Too many people there to get around comfortably.

Kids swarming your legs like packs of rabid ankle biters.

8 bucks for a beer?!

True Star Wars geeks beware, lots of people and little time, get to the event early.

by ComplaisantSoul (57.14) on 12/13/09.


Star Wars in Concert
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