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An argument against

Since i am a solo practitioner and do not have daily contact with a group of spirited professionals, i do not have an outlet for my questions and comments about today's events. So, after all of these years, i'm back. one recent event was such an affront to me that i needed to ask a question about leadership. Perhaps one of the most studied and analyzed personal ability or trait is leadership. So, i will not make an attempt in this posting to define it. All i want to do is to ask a question. This question is not framed to discuss the merits of any topic other than leadership. The question simply is directed at discussing leadership and the lack thereof. For the purpose of adding framework to the discussion, i suggest that leadership is like visible light. it is not good or bad. it is just either there or it is not. a person, on the other hand, can be a good leader or a poor leader.

President Obama campaigned on the issue of ending the war in Iraq. after it was ended, the President was recorded on video countless times saying two particular statements. the first was, "i promised i would end the war and i did." the second was, "For the first time in over a decade there are no US troops in Iraq." He elicited resounding cheers from the crowds after making these statements.

over the past weekend, President Obama said that he was puzzled by all of the questions about the removal of all troops from Iraq. he went on to say,"it was not my decision to take the troops out of Iraq." he basically then said that he was simply following through on commitments made prior to his entering the office."

Remember my argument has nothing to do with the wisdom of any events in Iraq. I am simply asking if the President is exhibiting leadership of a lack thereof. i chose against because i believe that the President has exhibited no leadership with this statement, and that he is a poor leader.
by allonzo1

An argument for
i heard that can get you a job faster than

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by isoldmydomains

An argument for

I hated reading it in school, at first. But then I got into it and it was a really good book, and very scary. I forget when he wrote the book, like 1920 something? And he predicted, or told, a story about a lot of things that happen today... which is scary, like I already stated, but overall, a good book. The ending wasn't all that great though, but it didn't leave me hanging for a sequel, so that's good.
by crocodileman88

An argument against
Admit it Liberals. Sara Palin is a smart women. You don't like her, and you are just afraid of her.

Sarah Palin is RETARDED and the only reason conservatives like her is because she likes to shoot guns, she is for guns, she shoots animals and is for homeland defense. I'm for all of those things, and I have liberal views. Another reason she is stupid is because she is rallying all these conservatives and giving them the idea that guns are the way to go no matter what. Not reall. So if you don't get your way, you're going to pull out a gun and intimidate people? Yeah, real brave.
by crocodileman88

An argument for
The Legalization of Marijuana

Notice how noone on this topic has gone against the legalization of mariijuana? That is a good thing, because marijuana is not a dangerous thing. No study has ever shown that someone has died solely by marijuana. Related deaths to marijuana have other drugs mixed in or alcohol. (Which is an intense experience by the way.) Anyways, if marijuana were to be legal, we could tax it, but that's definitely not the issue here. The issue we face is having all these people locked up in jail for having a little bit of a natural plant in their pocket. Wow. If that's the case, would you arrest someone if they started picking dandelions? You can make wine out of dandelions, why aren't they illegal? Plus that's even more dangerous than stumbling upon a marijuana plant and saying "hey I think I'm going to try smoking this and seeing what happens. Or just buying it from somebody. Sure the effects are strong, but usually you get scared of driving or anything that can cause harm to you. Alot of people like to just relax and hang out and laugh and have a good time. Good job, government, you have made something illegal that is harmless. Maybe you should take a look at those dandelions eh? Here is a recipe for dandelion wine. Wow anyone can make it and get drunk? That's pretty stupid if you are letting anybody go through with this. Point is: Legalize weed, and focus on something more important like, say, the economy?

by crocodileman88

An argument


An argument


An argument


An argument


An argument


An argument against
Sarah Palin

She took a provision for end of life counseling, which she previously supported, and turned it into the infamous "death panels," a piece of hyperbolic, underhanded fiction, just to oppose the other side. This was not only hypocritical and intellectually dishonest, but demonstrably false. How much dirtier could politics be than saying the other side wants to murder your grandmother?
by DClary

An argument against
Is Atheism a Religion?

My comments on some of Allonzo1's comments:

1.)By definition a "religion" is based on belief in a supernatural creator therefore atheism is not a religion.
2.) Yes, many atheists are zealots and dogmatic, but not all bodies of thought which are dogmatic are considered "religions." By that logic, communism is a religion as is the Atkin's diet, etc.
3.) Hitler used Darwin's Survival to justify the master race, wow. Not relevant to the topic, but note that people have used the Christian bible to justify mass killings as well (the crusades, witch hunts).
by Krista17

An argument against
Bluetooth Headsets

For a good stretch there, they were the masculine equivalent of the Coach purse or shoes. They became the pager of the current generation, but at least the pager clipped to your waist -- not your face. "Wow, you have a pager? Are you a doctor?" gave way to "A pager? You couldn't think of a better way to waste $15 a month?" Just as such, "You have a Bluetooth headset? Are from the future?" has given way to "Look who had $15 burning a hole in their pocket." I firmly believe that they all should proclaim in magnificent flashing lights "DILDO" the entire time spent affixed to an ear. Maybe that's what it will take to get people to realize what a status symbol they are. The status of douchenozzle.
by amichalski

An argument against
The Winter Olympics

It is a wholley unrealistic representation of excellence and awe. What do you think of the tenth place Speed Skater? Would you eat the cereal he endorses? Hell no. He's a failure. He's only the tenth greatest Speed Skater on the planet. He's an asshole.

The Olympics celebrates sponsorship potential and random 'winner of the moment' popularity. Subject Olympiads to a chess-style ladder system throughout the course of their careers, and we would probably experience some very different (and boring) results.
by Katzwinkel

An argument for
An army of Zombies & an army of Vampires VS. an army of Ditkas?

Easy Answer - DITKA.
by JackCNewell

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