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katzwinkel on 12-15-2009

The benefits and detriments of peeing while sitting down vary drastically based upon whether or not there is a toilet underneath the pee-er.
4 Cred1 Crud

As science advances, two effects will become evident: how humans can change the world and how humans have changed the world. The potential of humans' effect grows day by day, and an agency that is responible for monitoring the detriments of advancement may be important to the survival of the planet. Worst case scenario of a global watch dog? Minor annoyance. Worst case scenario of a lack of a global watch dog? Global catastrophe.

Hyperbolic? Yes. Beyond consideration? No.
1 Cred1 Crud

Though Weezer has a considerable selection of songs that are quite enjoyable, one song generally sounds like the next.
2 Cred0 Crud

For me, Weezer spans a range between "I love it" and "I don't care." Never have I heard a Weezer song to which I reacted negatively. I'd be hard pressed to think of an occasion in which I've intentionally skipped a Weezer song. And with the considerable library that the band has, that is significant.
1 Cred1 Crud

For the time being, Google Wave acts as little more than another inbox that I have to check. If there were some kind of notification system that came to *me* when a new comment or wave popped up, it might be another story, but as it stands, I simply have to remember to wonder if anybody has posted anything to me or for me in Google Wave. And with so few people on Google Wave, the answer is usually disappointing.
2 Cred1 Crud

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