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froggerus on 12-15-2009

Women don't really have a choice, now do they?
2 Cred2 Crud

The police are rarely present when a crime is committed, and it is ultimately up to the individual citizen to be able to protect himself in the case of a home invasion.
2 Cred2 Crud

It should really be called Modern Warfare 1.5 because, while the graphics have been tweaked from the last version, there's really not much new, it's a "continuation" of the story line from the previous game, the campaign mode is ridiculously short, and the multiplayer just adds new maps.
2 Cred1 Crud

0 Cred2 Crud

1 Cred2 Crud

If you live with anyone else, I think it's a social necessity. Consider how you would react if you came home and your wife/husband/roommate/trained monkey left a little "surprise" for you in the bowl. "Do unto others," and all that.

If one is worried about the waste of water, all of today's toilets are low flush—1.6 gallons per flush or less. This is sufficient for front-end business, and for most back-end business. If there are some stubborn stragglers who don't realize the party is over, another flush will do the trick. If the courtesy flush is only utilized a quarter of the time, that's still far less water used over time than with an older toilet.
2 Cred2 Crud

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