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uklamok on 12-13-2009

Fresh supply of organ donors every year.
2 Cred4 Crud

If people signed a waiver that said they would neither seek nor accept state paid for medical help when buying their hardcore drugs they can shoot up and melt away in a corner for all I care (heck Id say a state cremation could probably be thrown in too), but they do not have the right to abuse drugs then make themselves a burden on the rest of society.

Your average pot head may cry foul against this argument in that their drug of choice isn't so instantly addictive or destructive as hard drugs. Weed will give you cancer just like cigarettes if you smoke it long enough. We may not have outlawed tobacco, but we've raised the tax so high that people can not afford to buy them and the only place they are free to smoke anymore is in their own home or outside away from other people.
1 Cred2 Crud

They are used as farm teams from professional sports but many teams are paid for with taxes. The game would be better served if a football minor league was instituted and college football teams were eliminated.
1 Cred1 Crud

The hosts are occasionally unprepared to talk about the topics they selected or just blow through topics in an effort to get to the end of the show. If the hosts do not sound like they are having a good time talking about things they want to talk about they will have a hard time getting the listeners to come back for the next show.
3 Cred1 Crud

I'm afraid the hosts do not have the time to record and post a show on a weekly basis. To build and maintain an audience the show needs to be available on the website at the same time every week or every other week. Not knowing when the show is going to be available makes me less likey to make it part of my routine.
4 Cred1 Crud

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