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spazol on 12-13-2009

Regularly lacks any significant or redeeming value. Imagine if they bothered to actually inform the viewing public, or recommended some useful information as to why, how, or when to use their products? I'm reminded of the days of Ma Bell ("the phone company") back before it splintered into lots and lots of companies (many of which reaggregated, but that's another issue). There were hardly EVER any ads by "the phone company". If there were some, they usually showed how they were improving technology, usefulness, or reliability.

MS should think about that. They have such a large share of their market(s)... they don't need to be so smarmy. With all their brainpower and capital, they should be capable of so much more.
2 Cred0 Crud

Fun to the point of wickedness. A great recollection of American childhood experiences. Great acting, great writing, memorable imagery and dialogue. An overall thumbs-up for almost anyone -- including people who don't celebrate Christmas (either by circumstance or by choice). Enjoyable and not at all the treacle-filled Capra title.
2 Cred0 Crud

Dangerous, deadly, incredibly easy to create destruction. Very efficient method of hurting someone or escalating a bad situation into something worse.
2 Cred1 Crud

Both interesting and educational. A great narrative and examination of The State, individuality, freedom, truth, and propaganda. Sadly, it's also been reported to be useful in creating exactly the type of disinformation regime it described.
2 Cred1 Crud

Provides a fun and simple interface to learn and express opinions (and perhaps some facts). Slightly addictive.
2 Cred0 Crud

A fun site to peruse. A great www clearinghouse for photos of mistakes, errata, and sillinesss. It'll only get better as more people learn about it and submit images.
2 Cred0 Crud

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