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elwoodlaw on 12-11-2009

The fear is not a general erosion of the English language. Instead, the harm of LOLspeak is the erosion of meaningful communication skills. Watch how teens communicate. The abbreviated communication breeds ambiguity and a general lack of thoughtful dialogue. I acknowledge, at times, there is a cost/time saving benefit of LOLspeak. However, to rely on it as a primary form of communication sacrifices connection, discussion, humanity, and intellect for a peppercorn of efficiency/laziness.
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This point is not directed solely at Sarah Palin. Instead, it is directed at what she is emblematic of. A long time ago our country stopped searching for the "best and brightest." Now, our voters seem to crave political leaders "who they can have a beer with" or who they think are like them. I, for one, want elected leaders to be really smart, thoughtful, pragmatic, a supporter of science, and not a "NASCAR dad", "soccer mom", or "hot moose hunting governor."

One commentator who has posted regarding this topic has complained that Sarah Palin is the victim of the leftist media conspiracy to destroy a strong conservative woman. However, without the soundbite and image driven media, Sarah Palin would not even be known. The utter lack of meaningful content in what we call "news" in the era of the internet is the exact genesis of politicians of Palin's ilk. The modern form of what passes for "journalism" is the reason why Abraham Lincoln would be nothing more than a fine lawyer today. The public's acceptance of flash over substance would doom any opportunity for Lincoln to lead our country. I find Palin and her supporter's criticisms of the media to be hollow; especially in light of the fact that it is the paparazzi form of news coverage that gave political birth to the "hot moose hunting governor." Americans should demand more for itself and stop settling.
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A vast number of songs that we all know, but publicly deny enjoying.
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Shame on the sports "journalists" who misled the public about this abusive, spoiled, and sheltered baby. For too long the sports media has been muzzled by sponsors. This is what happens when news agencies are run by entertainment executives. I cannot say I am unhappy about Tiger having to take some grief. However, the frenzy is a bit overstated... aren't we still fighting a couple of wars, or isn't there some real news going on?
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Not only is he a great golfer, he brought professional golf into the mainstream. For many, professional golf broadcasts are no longer just an easy way to come down from an exhilarating viewing of pro-bowling anymore or to work your way through a hangover. Tiger provides an insight into the competitive spirit of world class golf. While Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer had wide appeal, Tiger made professional golf a regular part of everyday sports fans' knowledge base. Also, before Tiger, Nike did not really have much to do with golf. Now, it produces a significant portion of its revenue.
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