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katzwinkel on 12-10-2009

Not the healthiest if all possible choices.
4 Cred1 Crud

To automatically assume that the term "slut" is derogatory is failure to explore the word to its full potential. A slut is commonly defined as a woman who has a bunch of sex with a bunch of dudes all the time. As a dude, I am pro-slut all the way. I, personally, have no moral preconceptions as to how much sex a person ought or oughtn't have. I strive to have as much sex as I can as often as I can, and I invite everybody to enjoy the same freedom. Slut Pride not only promotes equality, but increases my odds of success.

What is the male version of the term slut? Stud.

Go sluts!
2 Cred3 Crud

It's delicious!
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