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elwoodlaw on 12-10-2009

As the cliche' goes, why don't gay people have the right to be as miserable as the straight population. While over-simplified and overstated, this aphorism is appropriate. Many gay citizens pay taxes, serve in our military, create scientific breakthroughs, contribute to the arts, and share with our communities like any other beneficial members of society. Why should they be treated differently?

Ironically, Bible abusing rightists commonly criticize the gay community for the right's perception that gay people are particularly promiscuous. Why wouldn't our society want to reward people who have made a commitment to one another? Also, on that note, we must consider whether there is a public health benefit of encouraging monogamy?

As for the children argument, why are people who are sterile allowed to marry? You can fish all day, but if you do not have a line or tackle all you are going to get is a nice boat ride.

I understand people's perspectives about this are commonly shielded in religious or cultural ideals that were developed during a different time. However, respectfully, I assert that time has gone by. With all due respect, this really seems to be more of an excuse to try to indirectly, and maybe/hopefully unintentionally, be anti-gay simply because you do not like the lifestyle.

Finally, this argument is about same-sex marriage. It is not about incestuous marriage, pedophilia, polygamy, or other issues. These red herrings and implied slippery slope arguments are garbage and cheapen the dialogue regarding this issue. It is simply a cheap attempt to associate the issue with irrelevant noise.
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