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froggerus on 12-9-2009

I'm FOR having an indented debate column to go along with any given argument so people can debate a specific part of that point without having to make a separate argument. This way a person can tell why they crudded another's argument, and the original poster has the option of restating or clarifying their argument.
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Legalizing marijuana would be a crucial first step in ending the ridiculous War on Drugs. Over half of the population of federal prisons are drug offenders. Valuable resources that could be used to deter real crime are being spent on arresting, prosecuting, and imprisoning drug offenders. And as unhealthy as drugs are to people's health, it should be their choice whether or not they put substances into their bodies.
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As a Libertarian, I say that people should be able to do whatever they want, provided it does no harm to others. Smoking weed doesn't hurt anyone but the person doing the smoking.
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"Our federal prisons literally are packed with non-violent drug offenders who often have no prior criminal record. People charged with simple drug possession quite often serve more time in jail than violent criminals ... and the violent ones are routinely released to make room for the drug offenders." -
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The War on Drugs is legislation of morality. People are imprisoned for the purchasing and possession of substances they wish to put into their own bodies. Whether or not it is wise to do so health-wise, people should be allowed to do whatever they wish to themselves, provided it harms no one else.
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