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froggerus on 12-8-2009

I'm FOR having an indented debate column to go along with any given argument so people can debate a specific part of that point without having to make a separate argument. This way a person can tell why they crudded another's argument, and the original poster has the option of restating or clarifying their argument.
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It enables one to see at night.
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Laws that protect people from being harmed by others make sense, but laws that protect people from themselves do not. A person should be allowed to choose, even at his own peril, whether or not to engage in risky behavior. Not wearing a seatbelt is risky behavior in that in the event of an automobile crash the person not wearing his seatbelt is more likely to be injured. So what? It is not the job of the state to act as a nanny. I wear my seatbelt for my own safety, not because the state tells me to.
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