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juszczak on 12-7-2009

I love her supporter's typical response to the "liberal media attacks" on their beloved. It's easy to say, "every politician, professor, speaker, interviewee, etc. has gaffes", while failing to notice the statistical regularity of them.

There seems to be an incredible amount of denial going on by her supporters. If a rational person points out the numerous occasions when Palin has attempted to prove her ignorance, they are told they are being overly critical or are sexist, or there is a "gross double standard". As if this is proof to refute the contrary. Not all criticism is politically motivated, sometimes it IS valid.

Sounding Stupid + Being "Folksy" ≠ Smart

Show me her IQ score, have her take a geography or civics test, or just have an interview with someone where she doesn't back up her platform with gut reaction, witticisms, and faith. Otherwise, I will stand by my belief that she is of diminished mental capacity, and I don't want anyone like that running their mouth, let alone the country.
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I never know if people are on the phone or are crazy and talking to themselves when walking down the street.
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