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bigjimw on 12-7-2009

The argument that they are being marketed to kids is outlandish. First off it is a very large initial investment for the equiptment. It is much easier for kids to buy their marlboros at the local convieniance store. Second, the fruit flavors are no to being targeted to kids. The ban on flavored cigarettes is a joke, because the only flavor NOT banned, menthol, is allowed and the only flavor "kids" use. If anything, real cigarettes ARE the gateway to the electronic ones, and not the other way around as the FDA and groups like ASH and Tobacco Free Kids wants you to believe.
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The cost savings. While a typical e-cig starter kit goes for about $50-$60, and e-juice looks somewhat expensive, if you are a 1 pack a day smoker who pays on average of $7.50 a pack, you spend $52.50 a week in cigarettes. The kit will pay for itself in a week. Then adding the cost monthly, you're spending $225.75 a month just for one pack a day. When you compare the cost of 3 30ml bottles of e-juice at approx $15-$20 each, which usually gets your average pack a day smoker through a month, $60.00 maximum for the juice. Big savings. And you can bet the government does not want you to be saving that much since it comes out of taxes collected.
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The FDA test proves that the electronic cigarette is far safer than a real cigarette. The list of carcinogens listed to be in the electronic cigarette was found to be at a far lesser concentration than in a real cigarette. The electronic cigarette also has far fewer of the carcinogens than a real one. Health New Zealand did a test on these e-cig and actually published the amount (in PPB) of what each of the carcinogens it found and determined that the amounts were such a miniscule amount, they deemed that the vapor produced in electronic cigarettes is safe. Whereas the FDA only published what it found without the numbers, using junk science to back it up, to leave the public to draw their own conclusions.
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A black market. The big problem we face in a potential ban is the inevitable "black market" that is going to follow by these sleazy fly by night operations that will come into place to make a quick buck and may sell a product that could potentially kill. Much like prohabition did when people made home made hootch that ended up blinding and killing people who were drinking anti-freeze. The US woke up and realized prohabition wasn't working and lifted it. But that was little too late for the dead people resulted from it and when the mob was born and infamous names like Al Capone rose to the surface.

And once again the US will figure out it is losing the battle and will back off. But I guess more people will need to die and more "Al Capones" need to be born before this wonderful "country" we live in wakes up and figures that out too.
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Quality control issues. While the electronic cigarette is probably one of the greatest inventions in this century and will surely save millions of lives, the issue of quality control is in question. Getting an atomizer is like a craps shoot. I had 2 die on me in 3 days time while my other atomizer kept going for 4 months. Some of the quality of imported e-juice is questionable, and there are many fly-by-night websites springing up that sell junk e-cigs only to make a quick buck during the "craze" and don't care what the outcome of the e-cigs are. Also false and misleading claims some sites still make regarding the safety issue of the electronic cigarette and the fact that they can be smoked anywhere.
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Electronic Cigarettes, while still an unknown territory, are clearly a much safer alternative than your conventional cigarette. Cigarettes have over 2000 known chemicals and over 60 carcinogens with each puff. The electronic cigarette has 20 known carcinogens in such a diluted state that the New Zealand report found the hazard minimal at best. The FDA found the same levels but kept the public in the dark about it. Also please note that your standard NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) such as the gums and lozenges contain the same carcinogens that what was found in the e-cig, and they have only a 10% success rate, at best. While the e-cig is NOT a stop smoking aid, it has over a 90% success rate in keeping people off of real cigarettes.
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