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juszczak on 12-6-2009

Nikon DOES use Ashton Kutcher for their ad spots.
2 Cred2 Crud

Wearing uniforms eliminate the distractions of personal dress including economic status.
1 Cred0 Crud

I never know if people are on the phone or are crazy and talking to themselves when walking down the street.
2 Cred0 Crud

Remarkably good effects.
2 Cred0 Crud

Most people earn their bachelor's before they have an idea what they really want to do. Going out after a few years of real world experience and getting a master's can supplement a now solid foundation of learning.
3 Cred0 Crud

Many people get a master's for a subject they did not get their bachelor's in. For instance, one can get a degree in MIS, but then get a master's in Finance.
0 Cred3 Crud

At least for the moment, Google has taken a benevolent dictator approach to their domination of personal data. This domination has allowed them to create some of the most innovative and useful tools released on the web today, for which, we (their dutiful subjects) benefit.

Their motto "Don't Be Evil" is an indication that they, at least, have the intent to protect user's privacy.
1 Cred0 Crud

Jesse Eisenberg is the most painful-to-watch actor who ever acted. He makes me want to go back to high school to beat him up.
1 Cred0 Crud

To pretend that marriage in our modern society is anything but the outward expression of a couple's love for each other (ie: baby making, a cornerstone of stable families, etc.) is ridiculous. We don't live in a primitive village where we rely on our children to help with hunting, gathering, and taking care of the elderly.

Our country was founded on the precepts of individual rights and for anyone to deny those rights to a class of people is hypocritical and wrong.
2 Cred2 Crud

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