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bigjimw on 12-6-2009

Electronic Cigarettes, while still an unknown territory, are clearly a much safer alternative than your conventional cigarette. Cigarettes have over 2000 known chemicals and over 60 carcinogens with each puff. The electronic cigarette has 20 known carcinogens in such a diluted state that the New Zealand report found the hazard minimal at best. The FDA found the same levels but kept the public in the dark about it. Also please note that your standard NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) such as the gums and lozenges contain the same carcinogens that what was found in the e-cig, and they have only a 10% success rate, at best. While the e-cig is NOT a stop smoking aid, it has over a 90% success rate in keeping people off of real cigarettes.
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The FDA test proves that the electronic cigarette is far safer than a real cigarette. The list of carcinogens listed to be in the electronic cigarette was found to be at a far lesser concentration than in a real cigarette. The electronic cigarette also has far fewer of the carcinogens than a real one. Health New Zealand did a test on these e-cig and actually published the amount (in PPB) of what each of the carcinogens it found and determined that the amounts were such a miniscule amount, they deemed that the vapor produced in electronic cigarettes is safe. Whereas the FDA only published what it found without the numbers, using junk science to back it up, to leave the public to draw their own conclusions.
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