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krista17 on 12-4-2009

No, that denigrates the idea of net neutrality which means that all people pay the same costs to access and create internet content. This accessibility is what has made the internet such a vehicle for free and open expression of ideas. If the ISPs lobby congress and earn the right to charge content providers based upon bandwidth usage, than the Internet will change from a bastion of free speech to a more conventional kind of medium which grants expression only to those with a lot of money., for example, would have to pay a lot more money if it were to get a lot more popular and require more bandwidth usage. If a website does not make a profit, it will lose its right to be accessible. What will the internet look like then? Like television? Less like a marketplace of ideas and more like a place of only marketable ideas.
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While it does reference a woman's sexual organ's excrement in a negative way, it is not misogynistic because there are similar words which reference a man's sexual organs (dick, scumbag, ...even asshole describes men though women have one as well.)

I agree with the verbal efficiency argument. Instead of saying "a spray-tanned orange guy with the popped collar over there hitting on his best friend's mom," it's easier to say "douchebag."
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