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katzwinkel on 12-4-2009

Homeschoolers have the freedom to progress quickly in the subjects at which they excel, while spending more time on the subjects that are a challenge for them. They are not tied to the timetable of the classroom.
3 Cred0 Crud

It's easy to preach nuclear non-proliferation while perched atop the most god-awful heap of nukes the world has ever seen.

"What, these old thing? These are just leftovers from the Cold War. They're still pointed at Russia, and Russia's dismantled for God's sake. It's not even fair to call them nuclear armaments, really. They're more like museum artifacts. Now... quit building nukes."

It's nice to be The World Police and all, but if we truly expect the world to buy us a Coke, we need to level the playing field through outrageous nuclear disarmament, which is never going to happen.

So, really... who are we to say, "America can, but Iran can't. Go democracy!"?
2 Cred2 Crud

LOLspeak is thinly-veiled illiteracy for halfwits who have been launched into a universe where communication is almost exclusively executed in writing, a medium in which they sputter and flounder but cannot be bothered to either improve or withstand criticism.
2 Cred4 Crud

I've always found Stephen King novels to be thin as a whole, but I've always found a great deal of satisfaction in each individual sentence or idea. For instance, it's easy to dismiss "It" as a book about a scary clown, but the true purpose of the book is not walk away with applicable knowledge of how to defeat scary clowns. It's about a connection with the desires and fears of the characters, as is the case with all of his books, and the effect is executed with elegance. Each character says and does very rich and interesting things... within the construct of fighting a scary clown.
4 Cred2 Crud

"I think on a national level your Department of Law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we've been charged with and automatically throw them out." --Sarah Palin, referring to a department that does not exist while attempting to explain why as president she wouldn't be subjected to the same ethics investigations that compelled her to resign as governor of Alaska, ABC News interview, July 7, 2009
6 Cred2 Crud

Recent studies show that the protein found in goat cheese is higher than in cows, and is actually very similar to that of human breast milk.
4 Cred0 Crud

Researchers tested 19 baby bottles purchased in nine U.S. states and Canada. Bottle brands included Avent, Dr. Brown, Evenflo, Disney, Gerber and Playtex. When the bottles were heated to 175 degrees F (80 degrees C), every one of them leached bisphenol A at about 5 to 7 parts per billion. The report also suggested that because of the chemical makeup of bisphenol A, it may leach more in fatty or acidic liquids, such as milk or apple juice, than in water.
3 Cred0 Crud

Water vapor is less harmful than tobacco cigarette smoke.
6 Cred0 Crud

Water vapor is less harmful than tobacco cigarette smoke.
6 Cred0 Crud

Seatbelt laws help raise awareness as to the extreme benefits of using and severe effects of not using seatbelts, and the laws can save valuable lives, even if only as a side effect of not wanting to get a ticket.
1 Cred1 Crud

If you have to fight the war, you may as well fight the war while on drugs.
2 Cred3 Crud

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