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uklamok on 12-3-2009

I'm afraid the hosts do not have the time to record and post a show on a weekly basis. To build and maintain an audience the show needs to be available on the website at the same time every week or every other week. Not knowing when the show is going to be available makes me less likey to make it part of my routine.
4 Cred1 Crud

The hosts are occasionally unprepared to talk about the topics they selected or just blow through topics in an effort to get to the end of the show. If the hosts do not sound like they are having a good time talking about things they want to talk about they will have a hard time getting the listeners to come back for the next show.
3 Cred1 Crud

They are the epitome of reality TV culture. We need more of this sort of nonsense to wake people up to the kind of culture they are creating. Perhaps networks will actually be scared to are "alternative programming" and might go back to thinks like scripted plots and talented actors.
2 Cred1 Crud

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