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katzwinkel on 12-3-2009

By early November 2009, Palin’s Going Rogue book was the number one seller on and other leading booksellers. Before its release, the Associated Press obtained a copy of the 432-page book, fact-checked it, and found it interesting but with several inaccuracies. The AP's review reported, "Ignoring substantial parts of her record if not the facts, she depicts herself as a frugal traveler on the taxpayer's dime, a reformer without ties to powerful interests and a politician roguishly indifferent to high ambition." In response to the AP review, Palin said on her Facebook page, " is expected, the AP and a number of subsequent media outlets are erroneously reporting the contents of the book. Keep your powder dry, read the book, and enjoy it!" A former senior McCain campaign official reviewed book excerpts about Palin accusing the campaign of keeping her away from the news media, and the official said, "Apparently the excerpts from the book are a continuation of a well-established and documented pattern where she (Palin) makes representations that are exaggerations or fiction."
4 Cred2 Crud

"President Obama isn't doing anything! And he's changing everything!" ~ conservatives
2 Cred4 Crud

Richard Heene appeared before a Larimer County District Court judge first, pleading guilty to a felony count of falsely influencing the sheriff who led the rescue effort during the 50-mile balloon chase that captivated a global television audience Oct. 15.

Mayumi Heene pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of knowingly filing a false report with emergency services. Prosecutors said she had a lower level of culpability and cooperated with authorities, telling investigators the balloon launch was a publicity stunt two weeks in the making.
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By playing "A Christmas Story" twenty-four hours a day, people can catch it whenever their holiday schedule allows, assuming they don't already have the DVD. And what's the alternative? Airing the hours-long strings of The Office, Seinfeld and George Lopez commercials, as usual?
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