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amichalski on 12-3-2009

There pricing structure isn't very competitive when you start looking at newer, higher-end phones. This rings especially true when you consider that their hardware prices are substantially less attractive now.
1 Cred0 Crud

For years they have been hobbling their phones. Smart phones made dumb by firmware limitations and inability to download apps. Phones that were designed to play mp3s aren't allowed to because they hadn't yet perfected their way to sell said mp3s. They still don't allow customers to access the SIM cards thereby trapping you into buying your phone from them at their price.
2 Cred0 Crud

Their price points for voice plans are very attractive.
1 Cred0 Crud

Without it, there would be no Bioshock. Humorously, Bioshock takes objectivism to its ridiculous/logical extreme to show the result of a society that placed the success of the individual ahead of the health and survival of the society itself. Odd how the Ayn Rand Institute cries foul when someone turns their philosophy into the straw-man. Incidentally if you haven't yet, would you kindly play Bioshock?
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