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uklamok on 12-2-2009

It is a major step forward in broadcast television. It is the first time this quality of picture is being provided free to the home. This kind of quality prior to HD-TV was only to be found in pay for TV services or through the purchase of DVDs.
1 Cred1 Crud

The receiver boxes do not really work that well with analog boxes. If people want to get a decent picture in their home they are now forced to upgrade to a new box or pay for cable or satellite.
1 Cred1 Crud

She made George bush look like an accomplished orator.
2 Cred3 Crud

She did not finish her term as governor. People in her state and in her party raised and spent a lot of money to get her in that office because they believed she was the right person for the job and she let them down.
5 Cred0 Crud

Fresh supply of organ donors every year.
2 Cred4 Crud

Fresh supply of organ donors every year.
2 Cred4 Crud

There is nothing social about this beverage. It has one purpose: to make you so completely drunk you black out or forget how to be human. People who drink everclear with this intent ought to start asking questions like:
Why do I need to be this drunk?
Will I get help before my liver implodes?
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