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juszczak on 11-30-2009

Single use bottles are wasteful and often not recycled.
5 Cred0 Crud

Most brands of bottled water are filtered municipal water + a huge markup.
6 Cred0 Crud

By who? One word: "Sovereignty".
3 Cred2 Crud

By who? One word: "Sovereignty".
3 Cred2 Crud

By who? One word: "Sovereignty".
3 Cred2 Crud

Most Andrioid phones have a physical keyboard, a must for some users.
2 Cred1 Crud

If you're having guests over, it looks like an adult may live there.
3 Cred2 Crud

Many people get a master's for a subject they did not get their bachelor's in. For instance, one can get a degree in MIS, but then get a master's in Finance.
0 Cred3 Crud

Most people earn their bachelor's before they have an idea what they really want to do. Going out after a few years of real world experience and getting a master's can supplement a now solid foundation of learning.
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