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blaiselukasiewicz on 11-30-2009

it is one of the most famous pieces of music, widely recognized.
3 Cred2 Crud

reusable, Eco-friendly (not putting as much in the landfill) and nostalgic.
2 Cred1 Crud

they are a means for feeding a baby fresh from the womb! they are also a connection between a mother and child!
3 Cred0 Crud

has gotten many obese children to get up and "play" there way fit!
3 Cred3 Crud

supposed to get people up and moving, some larger players have found a way to play while sitting down.
1 Cred5 Crud

Making the bed can be apart of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. If you don't make your bed, it just looks sloppy. at the end of the night there is just a great feeling of getting in a made bad. It sort of gives a nostalgic feeling.
3 Cred1 Crud

very unneeded especially with the advent of Facebook. All you have to do is awkwardly ask them questions online opposed to face to face, that way they can't tell how board you are when they talk about their kids, pets(especially cats), or jobs that sort of seem better than yours.
2 Cred0 Crud

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