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katzwinkel on 11-28-2009

Lasting more than an hour, the Ninth was an exceptionally long symphony for its time. Like much of Beethoven's later music, his Ninth Symphony is demanding for all the performers, including the choir and soloists.
1 Cred3 Crud

Her allegedly ambiguous treatment of moral issues made her at one time a regular target of school library censors and the religious right. Her books are still often challenged in school libraries; in fact, Forever was the second most challenged book of 2005, according to the American Library Association.
0 Cred3 Crud

"Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret"
"Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"
"Then Again, Maybe I Won't"
2 Cred1 Crud

"President Obama isn't doing anything! And he's changing everything!" ~ conservatives
2 Cred4 Crud

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