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egorz13 on 11-28-2009

Politicians routinely do not finish their terms. Granted, that is mostly because they seek higher office. But is it really any better that the citizens of Illinois were left without a full-time senator while President Obama went campaigning for president? I would have preferred it if he had resigned and been replaced with someone who actually wanted to be senator. So Barack Obama effectively serves only 1/3 of his term before his ambition calls him to leave his post and that is ok, while Sarah Palin leaves her post to benefit the citizens of her state (but probably mostly because her ambition is beckoning her too) and that is not ok? If it's acceptable practice for President Obama and countless other politicians, why is it a point against Sarah Palin?
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Appears to be too wishy-washy because he is constantly talking about compromise while he actually avoids compromise and questions the motivations of his opponents. He seeks firm ideological decisions that will not help and will probably do harm, resulting in the risk of becoming another Jimmy Carter.
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