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uklamok on 11-23-2009

Douchebag and fuck both illustrate a laziness of thought. I never said it was the only appropriate word. I said that people use it in the place of traditional swear words as a somehow more socially acceptable slur. Colostomy bag would fit the bill perfectly. It implies ickyness and and but is sanitized of the more crude reference. People wont use it not because it does not flow, but rather because they the because the term douchebag is much more heavily loaded with meaning.

I would like to note that you are crudding my arguments against because you do not agree with my claim of misogyny, not because they are they bad arguments against using the word. I on the other had find a silly sounding word argument to be poor when people could just work a little harder to find a better insult that to use publically or in mixed company We have one of the most diverse languages on the planet, borrowing words, phrases and ideas from almost every other language we encounter. Surely we can do better.
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