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froggerus on 11-23-2009

There is no such thing as a "bad" word. Words are just words. The fact that you cannot be offended by a foreign "bad" word because you do not know its meaning shows that the mere utterance the sounds are not the problem. The fact that people use alternate words to mean the same thing, such as "crap" for "shit" or "frak" for "fuck," shows that the meaning of the word is also not the problem. So what other reason could there possibly be to avoid the use of a certain set of letters and phonics arranged in a particular order? The only reason I can think of is that society has arbitrarily deemed certain words as vulgar. I blame the Puritans. I'm an equal opportunity linguist and think that every word should be used when appropriate, including "douche bag."
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There is simply no compelling evidence for creationism, intelligent design, or whatever term will be coined in the future to try to force god into schools' science curricula. To say that "we are simply too wonderful to have evolved by chance" is an example of the Appeal to Ignorance. You can't imagine how humanity could possibly have come about any other way, so it must have been your imaginary friend in the sky. The first thing you would have to do is show that evolution could not be true. But the more time that goes by the more evidence is found to support evolution. And where is the definition of a "too wonderful" human body to be found? Even if the human body were perfect, this would not be proof of a creator. It would simply show that nature, over the course of 3.5 billion years, developed a pretty good organism. But there are plenty of design flaws with the human body, including the partial shared pathway our air and food go through, the backward wiring of humans' eyes, and the presence of that great useless organ--the appendix. If you've ever chocked on a piece of food, you should question "intelligent" design.
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