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froggerus on 11-21-2009

If artists want to give their music away, they do so on their websites. People do not have the right to just "share" intellectual property without compensation to the artist. And it's a bullshit argument that there are no lost sales because people who listen and like will buy while those who don't would never have bought the album, movie, TV show anyway. If I would never have bought some other product, like say a car, I don't just get to keep the car. So if you stream a song and like it, much like test driving a car, you then have the option to buy it. If someone were somehow able to give you an instant copy of a vehicle, much like sharing an MP3, whether or not you decided you liked it, you still have an automobile that you didn't pay for. And the more that people file share, the less profit there is for the artist, which in turn might take away a lot of incentive for said artist to make him music, craft, etc., and the higher the price of the product for those who purchase legally.
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