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katzwinkel on 11-20-2009

It's as funny as hell.
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Sometimes this flavor is very strong and some consumers find it disagreeable.
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There are actual "World Rock Paper Scissors Society sanctioned tournaments," which is asinine.
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Calacanis' Five Point Argument Against Apple

1. Apple is destroying MP3 player innovation through anti-competitive practices. I'm not convinced this is true, but the iPod is rapidly becoming a monoculture in the MP3 space, and monocultures aren't healthy. If there were a stronger competitor to Apple here, consumers would likely reap the benefits of the competition.

2. Monopolistic practices in telecommunications. I agree with him that tying the iPhone to a single carrier is a retrograde move, and not very smart perhaps (AT&T is few people's favorite company), but it's not monopolistic. Still, I look forward to the day that we have some choice here, too.

3. Draconian App Store policies that are, frankly, insulting. No argument here. Understanding the App Store approval and rejection process requires a Kremlinology degree and the decisions seem to go against Apple's ethos. This is one of the major procedural issues facing the company these days.

4. Being a horrible hypocrite by banning other browsers on the iPhone. Agreed here, too. Though there is some elegance gained by locking its platforms down, Apple should be promoting - and users should be demanding - freedom to use what apps we want as a higher value than elegance.

5. Blocking the Google Voice Application on the iPhone. Another agree. It's not right for a platform maker to block its competitors and offer only its applications.
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Glass baby bottles retain heat very easily and can be kept warm longer than their plastic counterparts.
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